A guide to touring Tokyo Chuo City

A guide to touring Tokyo Chuo City

Introduction of Chuo City

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  • A little taste of heaven
  • Enjoy the ultimate in confectionery
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Tsukuda Park

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  • A blanket of pale crimson accents the traditions of spring
  • Blossoms on parade in Chuo City
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Recommended walking routes

We have selected three trip courses to help you to fully explore Chuo City, which offer the opportunity to enjoy the Edo period atmosphere, eat gourmet food, or visit a shopping area!

Top 10 Tourist Attractions

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  • Tsukijiuogashi
  • Tsukijiuogashi is a food shopping complex with stores that sell a variety of fresh seafood, fruit and vegetables representing the gourmet town of Tsukiji to hand down the vigor and prosperity of Tsukiji as a base of food culture even after the relocation of Tsukiji Market. There are restaurants, kitchen studios and an event space in a food court style. Tsukijiuogashi will play the main role in promoting the attractive “Tsukiji brand” now and in the future.
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    Kabukiza Theatre

  • Kabukiza Theatre
  • Kabukiza, which Japan boasts to the world as a "temple of Kabuki," is the only theater where Kabuki plays are performed on the stage every month throughout the year. It can be called a symbol of Japanese culture, keeping evolving while observing traditions and formality since its opening in 1889. Special seats that allow people to see a single act casually at an affordable price are always available.
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    Tokyo Kyukyodo

  • Tokyo Kyukyodo
  • Kyukydo has been operating for over 350 years since being founded in Kyoto as a druggist. With the philosophy "Protecting and nurturing Japan's traditions and culture", we have a number of great products with a sense of the season that suit the modern life of Japanese people as well as observing traditions and conventions. On the 1st floor there is letter paper, envelopes, postcards, greeting cards, money envelopes, seasonal products, etc., and on the 2nd floor there is incense, brushes, Chinese ink, ink stones, paper, materials for calligraphy, etc., and notebooks of Washi displayed for sale.
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  • Around Nihombashi and Kyobashi

    Nihombashi is a traditional town with countless long-established shops. Tokyo Chuo City Tourist Information Center is located in the Kyobashi area, which is currently a focus of attention.

  • Around Ginza

    Ginza is a leader of Japan's major downtown area, full of well-known department stores and overseas brand boutiques.

  • Around Tsukiji and Hatchobori

    The market for fish, vegetables, etc. is renowned for leading Tokyo's food culture for generations. Besides the market, there are many famous or historic sights.

  • Around Ningyocho

    The historic town is very popular for Edo period inspired automaton clocks and traditional Japanese confectionery shops.

  • Around Tsukishima and Harumi

    While the waterfront retains an urban atmosphere, the old town has a totally different vibe. If visiting the area, you will want to enjoy local gourmet food such as tsukudani and monjayaki.

Pre-travel information

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